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Earn Commissions Every Month!

GlobalPhone offers a simple way for you to increase the benefits of your client’s web sites and make additional fees from the telephone service.  GlobalPhone's Web Callback group welcomes web developers, ISPs, and ad agencies to sell WebCallback services and increase the value of their webs at the same time.

Each time someone uses WebCallback, they get their questions answered, move closer to a transaction, place an order, or receive the customer service they expect from a first class company. Better yet, you receive 10% commission on the monthly usage of all of your customers!

Benefits for Resellers

Cost - there is a $100 one time set up fee. You may wish to charge the client for your time to put the code onto their site. That is up to you. The client only pays for the per minute use at the low 13.8 cents with a small $10 monthly minimum for usage per corporate account.  There are no other expenses.

Commissions - receive 10% each month of all usage on accounts you bring to GlobalPhone. Commissions are paid each month and you receive a summary report of all of your clients’ usage.

Operations - we handle the billing, technical services and collections. Each client is directly billed for usage by GlobalPhone.

Code Design - use our automated callforms or design custom applications based on code we distribute free of charge.

Extra Income Opportunity - feel free to negotiate a fee with your client for tying our code to your client’s site or customizing his call forms.

Experience and Reliability - GlobalPhone has had many years of experience with callback technology, resellers, operations and management. You can rely on GlobalPhone for a great partnership.

How to Profit by Referral Business from Your Web Site

Once you are signed up as a WebCallback agent, you get your own exclusive agent identifier. You use this in two different ways as a part of your link to the WebCallback site.

Firstly, you can use banner ads. Your advertisements link to a special page on our site, quoting your agent identifier. We issue a cookie containing that identifier to any user who follows your links. If they register, we use the cookie to record you as the referring agent and credit you with commission on all their calls.

Suppose you are agent 43254. Just add links in your web pages to
and we will issue the cookie to anyone who follows your link! We even provide you with free banner graphics if you want.

If you are signing up on behalf of a customer because you design their website, simply click through your own link to sign them up.

Sign on today

In order to become an agent, please click here to read our agent agreement. After you accept the terms and conditions, you will be required to sign up your own website for webcallback.

If you have questions, please use WebCallback or dial 800-705-5033 for prompt service and answers to all your questions.

Note: If you already have a webcallback account, enter your Siteid (your URL) value exactly as appears in your webcallback hyperlink and we will just register you as a reseller

Free Banner Graphics

Feel free to use these graphics in your banner ads. Good luck!

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