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Please enter the international code and telephone number to receive WebCallback calls (e.g. USA is 1, France is 33, etc.)

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You may restrict calls so they only come from a single country. For example, to restrict calls to within the USA, enter country code 1.

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Modifying Office Hours (Optional)


Note - WebCallback works 24 hours per day. If you answer your phones 24 hours per day or if you want your voicemail to answer the phone, you may ignore this section.


If you specify that your offices are closed during certain times, WebCallback can either prompt the customer to fill out an email contact form or it can call an alternative number such as your cell phone or your answering service. If no one is answering phones at night, you should modify your service hours and select the email option.

If you use voicemail at night, you can skip this section and let WebCallback call your voicemail. WebCallback connects to voicemail first, then the customer, so you may need to lengthen your voicemail message so that it does not end before the customer answers the phone.

To modify your office hours, select YES below, then enter your opening and closing times. These times are in Eastern Standard Time (GMT -05). . You must use 24-hour military time. For example, when you opened this web page, the time was exactly 2244 EST. Check the 'closed' box if the office is closed all day.

Modify Hours?

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Days & Hours


Finally EITHER give an alternative telephone number OR an electronic mail address

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Terms and Conditions

Charges:13.8 cents per minute for continental US calls. GlobalPhone retail rates apply for calls and to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and international destinations. $10 per month minimum usage per company applies. $100.00 Set-up fee. To see international rates, click here.

Methods of Payment

Credit Card. Charges will be billed to customer credit card once each month. No deposit required.

Purchase Order. Customer agrees to pay by check within 30 days of receipt of invoice and to maintain a deposit equal to one month's usage. A $100 minimum deposit is required and must be sent with application. Deposits will be returned upon cancellation of service.


Customer agrees to pay GlobalPhone Corp. each month for long distance telephone services by credit card or by check upon presentation of invoice. GlobalPhone will mail a statement that lists all calls and charges at the end of each month. Customer authorizes GlobalPhone to perform a credit check and agrees to pay all outstanding balances owed to GlobalPhone, including any collection expenses incurred by GlobalPhone. I authorize Globalphone Corp. to charge my credit card in the amount of $100.00 for the set-up fee associated with my GlobalPhone WebCallback Account. Service may be cancelled upon 30 days written notice. Disputes must be made in writing, via mail, email or fax no later than 30 days after receipt of invoice.

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