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Adding WebCallback to Your Website

Simply go to our on-line sign up page and fill out the site activation form. We will give you free graphics and a working URL linking to your personalized WebCallback call form.

Just copy these graphics and paste them into your web pages, with your link around them.

Tools for Advanced Development

If you want complete artistic and programmed control over your call forms, you may use a design tailored to match the style and programming of your site. Sample code is free. Fill out the application for service, and we support you once you are up and running.

WebCallback consists of three simple pages that you can run on your server as an integral part of your site. The second and third pages are entirely optional -- you can just use our system defaults to get you up and running in the shortest possible time.

  1. Call Request Form — where the customer is prompted for their phone number. When the user submits the form our server receives the details, sets up the call, and redirects the browser to your success or failure page.
  2. Success Page — announces a call has been placed and (if so programmed) returns the user to the page from which they accessed the request page.
  3. Failure Page — announces the call was not placed and, if programmed to do so, provides a reason for the failure and a link to the original page from which the request form was accessed.

What GlobalPhone Provides

Sample pages may be downloaded for hosting on your web site. You are free to modify them as you wish to match your site style. All mandatory code is clearly documented, and technical support is free, so call us with your questions!. Better still, try our web callback service and have us call you!

Current sample pages are written in Active Server Page (ASP) VBScript for Microsoft IIS servers. The pages can be adapted upon request to run on your web server, with Perl and Cold Fusion samples under development now. To obtain the current sample sources simply save this ZIP file and unpack it into your site.

A more complete implementation guide is available, and when you sign up you get graphics to use as WebCallback buttons.

What You Provide

In your application for service, you will need to inform us of the URL of the directory containing web pages, so we can authorize the calls, and the phone number that must be called when a call is launched, so the right people receive the calls. Lastly, you may specify the number of lines or operators available to handle those calls.

This information is requested on the application for service. If you need technical help, please feel free to contact us or have us call you


Free Graphics for Your Web Pages

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