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Connect Your Customers to Sales!

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You've worked too hard to bring them to your site. Don't let them leave with questions unanswered. WebCallback buttons in your site let the customer easily contact you to complete the sales or customer service process.

To see WebCallback in action, visit some of our customer sites.

Increase Online Sales

Improve your customers’ online shopping experience and close sales using

Your customers connect within seconds to your customer service or sales department with the click of a mouse. WebCallback is an alternative service that compares favorably to that offered by Click to Talk, LivePerson, and Push to Talk.

WebCallback Benefits You

  • Increases impulse buying
  • Helps answer questions about products or services
  • Reduces concern about credit card use
  • Gives customers "the personal touch"
  • Helps customers navigate web sites easily
  • Directs customer calls to specific people or departments
  • Provides access to customers worldwide

Companies that use WebCallback host web pages that immediately connect their guests by telephone to a staff member at that company or its call center.

How WebCallback Works

Suppose your company sells products and services worldwide and you host a web site. An American or international consumer, visiting your site, wants more specific information or needs to have question answered.

  1. The customer clicks on the WebCallback link, enters his or her phone number, and clicks a button.
  2. The link immediately triggers a call to a specific phone number at your company. Your sales or customer service representative answers, and the service informs them that they are being connected to a web site visitor.
  3. Your company representative and your customer are immediately conferenced together and your staff can effectively close a sale or answer the visitor's question.

The phone calls are placed within seconds of the visitor clicking on the hot link.

Special Features Give WebCallback Extra Power!

WebCallback is industrial strength to meet your needs. Our special features include:

  • High Bandwidth – we can place hundreds of simultaneous calls to your call center
  • Alert Messages – before the customer answers the system plays a customized message to your staff receiving the call, who are prepared to answer
  • Access Restrictions – you may restrict international calls, blacklist numbers, or block numbers depending on the time of day
  • Delayed Callback (under development) –   customers can select a time delay before a call is placed to allow time to log off a shared line before the call is placed
  • Hacker Controls – the ability to launch calls is web site dependent, which prevents hackers from launching calls from unauthorized sites
  • High Security - calls can only be placed to your callback numbers, which are controlled only by the GlobalPhone switch

Click here for pricing data, technical details or answers to frequently-asked questions.

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