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Make WebCallback a Part of Your Site

This area of the web is intended for the guidance of web developers and others wanting to integrate WebCallback more fully with their sites.

If all you want is to get the service into your website, now, with minumum effort on your part and without programming, then simply have us call you to explain how.

Otherwise, take a look at the sample code here. If you prefer to get all the code in one chunk, or if you would like sample ASP code as well, you can download a ZIP file from here.

At present we have two examples in pure HTML, and several different call forms in ASP. Perl and Cold Fusion code will be added as appropriate. Please have us call you if you need further information.

The code in the zip file is the same as the samples shown below.



One-Page HTML The simplest way to get WebCallback into your site!
Three-Page HTML Slightly more complex, allowing you control over the look-and-feel of the success and error pages.
ASP Code Samples Four different call forms, all programmed, with differing degrees of complexity. Also includes programmed success and failure pages.

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