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GlobalPhone Corporation
137 North Washington Street, Suite 200
Falls Church VA 22046 USA
Phone 703-533-2122
Fax 703-533-2445

WebCallback is a service provided by GlobalPhone Corporation, a privately-held corporation established in 1995.  The company is based in Falls Church, Virginia, just a few miles outside of Washington D.C., in the United States.

Our strategy for success is quite simple. We keep our rates low and do our best to provide excellent customer service.  We don't have any hidden charges or monthly fees.  Our rates are the same 24 hours per day.  And, if you do have a problem, we promise you won't be put on hold.

GlobalPhone was originally founded to provide international callback services.   International callback provides individuals and companies outside the US with an alternative to the high cost of doing business with the traditional monopoly phone company present in most countries.  Even today, many of our customers reside outside the US.

Since 1995, GlobalPhone has expanded to provide a wide variety of other services such as residential long-distance services, domestic and international calling cards, prepaid phone cards, toll free numbers, interactive voice response and world wide web phone integration.  We provide services on a retail and wholesale basis.

GlobalPhone uses high quality fiber-optic and satellite lines of major international carriers for crystal clear international calling.  Using least cost routing, our switch in Falls Church automatically finds the least expensive route for calls and processes them via state-of-the-art digital technology.

GlobalPhone is licensed to provide services by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). 

To find out more about GlobalPhone, or to ask a question, please go to our Contact Us! page,  have us call you, or go to GlobalPhone's web page.

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